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The world of defence at the touch of a button

Know your market completely with the defence news that powers intelligent decision-making

Trusted by 2,300,000 defence professionals in 2022

Global coverage of Defence developments as they happen

With exclusive coverage, breaking news and unique angles on defence news, you'll never miss a story again.

  • New equipment and technology coverage
  • Capability development and acquisition plans
  • Delivery and execution of procurement programmes and military operations
  • Company plans
  • Disruptive news and notable events
  • Defence spending and budgets
  • Contract awards

Know the story behind the news

Our journalists work closely with our team of international analysts to give the full picture, wherever the story breaks.

So you can rest assured that what you’re reading is backed by thorough research.

It's why we've been a trusted news source for over 40 years.

Certainty-creating content

For years, Shephard has been at the forefront of content innovation across the Defence sector.

The first to develop a weekly Defence podcast - we continue to tell Defence stories in whichever way is most engaging.

Level up your subject knowledge

Develop your area of speciality and become a subject-matter expert.

With access to our Land, Naval, Air and Military Training domains, and over 40,000 articles - Premium News subscribers have access to a full knowledge base across Defence.

Built for those short on time

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You’ll never be left in the dark again.

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