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One platform, one complete view of Defence market data

Never miss an opportunity again with access to powerful defence procurement data

Stop relying on stovepiped and fragmented data

Save time finding information you can trust

Be the driving force of a competitive advantage for your business

We power the best Defence intelligence

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Want to know how?

Stop relying on unreliable Wikipedia and Google data and know the full extent of your data’s integrity with a transparent methodology.

Quickly navigate between datapoints, export raw data for deep analysis off-platform and see the full context of data with data linkage between equipment entries, programme information and realtime defence news. So you can spend longer analysing what is important to you.

Built For


Want to know how?

See the full market picture and identify your next opportunities at speed, all in-platform. Track your competition and beat them to the wins that matter most whilst making sure you never miss a renewal again.

With a full picture of the market at your fingertips, you’ll have more time to focus on building a proposal for your customer that they simply can’t say no to.

Built For


Want to know how?

The best strategies are built on strong insight. Discover and interpret data at speed, spot your next big growth area ahead of the competition and mitigate risk.

With over 80% coverage of global Defence spend and more than 12,000 equipment and programme entries, your data needs are covered from the macro all the way down to the micro details.

Using Defence Insight, you’ll be able to spend less time planning your next move, and more time proving it's the right one.

Built For


Want to know how?

Until now, gathering an integrated view of Defence procurement has been time-consuming, challenging and costly.

Built with the user experience front-of-mind, Shephard’s Defence Insight brings an integrated view of equipment data, programme entries and realtime news into one central platform that is easy-to-use and fast to navigate.

This frees up budget often spent on multiple research resources, reduces the number of people hours spent manually collecting information, and maintains data integrity by bringing data together under one transparent provider.

Waste less time and become the team known for powerful insight.

Built For


Want to know how?

Data is the beating heart of any successful company and finding reliable data shouldn’t take a Doctorate in data science. It's why we’ve built a platform that can be used by anyone. 

Level up your decision-making abilities with Defence Insight. Find the next big opportunity for your business, spot threats before your competitors and be the driving force behind data-driven decisions.

Some of the things people like you use Defence Insight for:

  • Total addressable market sizing ($)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Market forecasting
  • Growth identification
  • Increasing closing ratio
  • Increasing closing order value
  • Estimating product potential
  • Calculating sales forecasting
  • Supply and demand analysis

Backed by our team of international journalists

Our expert Analysts work closely with our team of international Journalists to bring you faster, more accurate insight that is plugged directly into news as it happens.

Powerful straight
out the box

Your dedicated account manager will introduce you to Defence Insight, tailoring our support to your business needs right from day one.

We’re so confident you’ll find our platform intuitive that any training is offered absolutely free.

A fuller view of the market

Siloed data creates unreliable insight. With Defence Insight you get a fuller picture of the market.

With over 85% coverage of global defence spend and more than 11,000 equipment entries - you can see who’s bidding on which programmes, view equipment attributes and even see who supplies the subsystem parts of an equipment entry.

  • Military vehicles
  • Military helicopters
  • Fixed-wing aircraft 
  • Military unmanned systems
  • Artillery & air defence
  • Naval vessels 
  • Weapons
  • Power
  • C4I
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Sensors

Save your team thousands of
wasted hours

Know when your data has changed with easy navigation and customisable in-platform and email notifications.

So you can spend more time acting on the insight.

Stop relying on unreliable data

Free-to-view public indexes such as Google, Wikipedia and others are often scattered with inaccurate, erroneous and ultimately unreliable data that conflate estimates with fact.

We follow a clear, proven methodology that we make available so you can see how we collect, validate and publish our data.

Bring together other data sources with exporting

All data you see within the Defence Insight platform is exportable in a friendly .xlsx format. So you can manipulate, analyse and enrich your datasets.

How we compare to the competition

Integrated programme and equipment data
Transparent methodology
Single-view full export
Includes access to defence news
Entry change notifications
Single-click system filters
Requires additional modular purchasing 

Points of product comparison accurate as of 14th March 2021

See how Defence Insight can help 

you power smarter decisions

Just tell us a little bit about your unique needs and we'll have one of our experts reach out to set up a demo or free trial.

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